Gylen Castle Kerrera

The board are currently working to develop the following projects:

Community Space:
The community have been working for some time on acquiring a community space. Over the years a new build and taking over the school building have both been on the table. We are currently working with the leaseholders of the school building to allow the community access to the building for a variety of community events, meetings, recreation, interpretation learning and training.

Community Pontoons:
Pontoons are another long term desire of the community. With the ferry starting at 8:40am and stopping at 6pm, islanders are limited in terms of mainland work and leisure activities they can do. The recent piers infrastructure work has made the proposed site even safer for pontoons and in July 2016 the community submitted a Coastal Communities bid to buy and build berthing facilities on both the Kerrera and mainland sides.

North/South Link Road:
We're in communication with the Scottish Government and Argyll and Bute Council over possible solutions to link the 2 communities on Kerrera. This has been another longstanding project that has been a priority for development. The recent piers improvements has only served to highlight the fact that around half of the island residents cannot access the piers by road.

IKDT Website:
We are in real need of a new website and are working to find funding to help with this.

Island septic waste solution:
The island currently has no means of dealing with septic waste. We're looking to access funding that will allow the community to start a social enterprise that will be able to empty the tanks locally and perhaps on other hard to reach locations in the highlands and islands.

Existing track repairs:
The existing track on Kerrera is in a terrible state. We are working hard to get the council to come over and make the improvements necessary for making the roads safe.

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